Get paid for sharing
your social content!
PINC gives the users the ability to monetise while personalising their social and commerce experience, providing brands with the know-how to better interact with their consumers; in a safe and fun environment.
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Why choose PINC?
Get paid for sharing
your social content.

At PINC, we incentivise users to share their content on our platform, enabling them to “pinc” (tag) products from our catalogue on their images.

Gamifying the platform, we further reward our users with PINC points for interactions, e.g. tagging products, liking posts, commenting, clicking on links, etc.; which translates to higher income for our users.

In turn, brand owners gain more awareness from the product tagging, opening up more channels and higher potential sales.

Through data generated from the interactions and transactions on our platform, marketers and brand owners get to understand better our audiences’ interest and shopping behaviour; as well as the ability to identify and quantify the influence of our content creators.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), our platform provides shoppers with user-generated content (UGC) personalised from their interaction, giving them inspiration and the means of more instant purchasing.

To encourage better content on PINC, our users can “gift” each other with virtual items, purchased with their PINC points.

Using the blockchain technology, we create a decentralised environment on a public ledger building more transparency and trust; ensuring that all interactions and transactions are legitimate and verifiable.



Snap a picture and upload it.


Search and choose from the vast list of products and ‘PINC’ (tag) it!


Shop the look, click to find out more.
Where to acquire PINC tokens?
Buy them
Virtual gifting
Earn from
Referral programme
Mobile app
Mobile application coming in January 2019.

Pre-sale round one with 35 percent bonus PINC tokens.
Token sale term
  • Name: PINC
  • Fixed Limit: USD 14,250,000
  • Soft Cap: USD 2,000,000
  • Exchange: 1 PINC = USD 0.10
  • Currency: USD, SGD, ETH, BTC
  • Min Purchase: USD 500
  • Starts: March 30, 2019
  • Ends: September 30,  2019
sold PINC tokens
sold PINC tokens
sold PINC tokens
sold PINC tokens
1 PINC token = USD 0.10
Fund allocation
Customer & community support
Research & development
Marketing & user acquisition
Token allocation
Partners & advisors
Team members
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Our strategy and project plan.

April 2018

Live (alpha) testing.

May 2018

Got funding from Quest Ventures.

August 2018

Acquired over 700 merchants.

November 2018

PINC whitelisting.

January 2019

PINC launches mobile application.

Q2 2019

PINC token public sale launch.

Q3 2019

PINC expands across South-east Asia.

  • May 2018 Got funding from Quest Ventures.
  • November 2018 PINC whitelisting.
  • Q2 2019 PINC token public sale launch.
  • April 2018 Live (alpha) testing.
  • August 2018 Acquired over 700 merchants.
  • January 2019 PINC launches mobile application.
  • Q3 2019 PINC expands across South-east Asia.


Curated Products

Our awesome team!
Sabrina Wang
CEO and Co-founder

An avid technopreneur with a fashion, technology and media background. Entrepreneurial by nature, since 15 she dabbled in various businesses ranging from web/game hosting, web/mobile design and development, her own fashion line, etc. Her natural acute business sense led to her to developing strategic marketing plans that results in massive impacts.

Francis Sim
CTO and Co-founder

Co-founded Inspireo, Francis worked with business owners and startups to plan & develop their digital products and/or identify gaps in their business processes, bridging them with digital solutions. With his vast experience and digital know-hows, he has helped numerous of his clients scale their businesses further.

Grace Tang
CFO and Co-founder

Previously from Standard Chartered, Grace is currently the chairperson of Bishan CC Youth Executive Committee, as well as a CFA holder. She also contributes in committees like NUSS Youth Guild and Central Youth Council PAYM. Grace is a foodie and loves to travel.

Lee Wei Ling
CAO and Co-founder

Graduated with a Bachelor of Business from Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania, Wei Ling brings more than a decade worth of logistics & supply chain management experience to the table. She is also an avid online consumer of fashion.

Edmund Lee

Edmund was a professional musician who bootstrapped his way to launching his singles, which is available on platforms such as iTunes. As an entertainer, he is required to provide excellent performances and exceptional customer relations to keep them coming back regularly.

Xael Tan
Head of UX

Co-founded Inspireo, where he plans, craft and build front-end user-centric digital business platforms for businesses that are worth it. Unlike huge digital businesses like AirBnB and Uber, Xael believes in transcending the digital wall and connecting with customers and users alike.

Kent Teo

Experienced founder with a demonstrated history of working in the events services and retail management industry. Kent has 8 years of experience and insights in retail-centric activation and built 4 assets namely, Fleawhere, Artbox Singapore, and MOX under the company, Invade. Invade has accumulated over 40,000 retailers and 200 landlords network.

Patrick Quah

Patrick Quah is currently the Managing Consultant at Amptree Advisors and is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore, Department of Strategy and Policy. He was the CEO of Trusted Source (a wholly owned subsidiary of Temasek Management Services (TMS) and also the CEO of Neue Lab Pte Ltd. Trusted Source manage and operate all the IT services and support for Temasek Holdings.

Peter Sin
Crypto Advisor

Co-founder of Singapore Bitcoin Club, Singapore’s largest cryptocurrency trading educational community that was established to promote financial literacy in cryptoassets and practical technical analysis education for consumers. Peter also serves as the co-head of Digital Currency Sub-Committee of Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association (ACCESS).

Haryanto Soemito
Business Advisor

As an entrepreneur, business developer and advisor; Haryanto focuses on starting-up and partnering in businesses he is passionate about. He is a venture partner of Global919, founder of Divegraphy, regional director of Night and Day, marketing partner of DXRacer Singapore, co-founder of The Hungry CEO and more.

We collaborate only with the best!
Quest Ventures

Quest Ventures is a leading venture fund for companies that have scalability and replicability in large internet communities. Its portfolio of 30+ venture-backed companies operate in more than 150 cities across Asia, creating employment and advancement opportunities for more than 4,400 employees, while its Enterprise and ESG efforts directly impact thousands more.

BlockSpace Asia

BlockSpace Asia envisions to be Asia’s hub for start-ups and SMEs that are driven by blockchain, artificial intelligence and deep technology.

BlockSpace Asia 2018 is a one-day event connecting over 200 industry leaders, business decision makers, tech innovators and investors.


ACCESS, the Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association, believe in the transformative potential of bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology called blockchain. With responsible use and proper regulatory support, we see digital currency applications and distributed ledgers benefiting everyone.

We support the efforts of our members by partnering with other organizations to promote our members interests across multiple industries.


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Some frequently asked questions.

In just three simple steps:

  • post a picture
  • tag the products shown in the picture
  • get paid as the picture is viewed and circulated

And you are on your way to enjoying the full spectrum of PINC benefits!

Our tagline pretty much sums it up, “Inspiring style trends, one pinc at a time. Get paid sharing your social content!”

Unlike most of the social platforms out there that monetises solely the platform from the content created by creators, at PINC we share that monetisation with the community.

For now, you get points from posting content, in the future updates, you’ll also get points for interacting, tagging of products, aiding the sales of products (be ethical of course), etc.

There are a few layers embedded within our platform that utilizes blockchain technology for data point storage.

The points are accumulated and later on, redeemed for cash and other available perks!

Each picture posted will earn you 5 points.

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